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"Rukar Group" company founded its production of vodka in 2010, aiming to produce high-quality vodka. We have scrupulously studied the traditions and achievements of this field of industry and we have combined the best traditions of Russian vodka production and the Armenian wine-vodka-brandy making.
Combining old and new traditions, implementing the latest and modern technologies, we have managed to get a high quality vodka range, s well as Armenian apple brandy (calvados)- Karvani: The establishment of the first Armenian calvados - apple brandy - production and its presentation to the Armenian and foreign customers is also a very important achievement for us. Using all the above mentioned measures, as well as the Armenian delicious and flavorful apple as raw material, we follow the technology of calvados distillation process which was developed through centuries.
The great mission of our company is to disclose the secrets of true Armenian flavorful vodka and make them available to all those people who can truly appreciate the taste and flavor of this wonderful drink. The company also practices degustation-invitations which are attended by the best professionals and partners of this field aiming to accomplish the constant awareness of the consumer demand.

Director’s message

Rouben Abrahamyan, the director of “Roukar Group” Company
What is the “secret-key” of our high quality production? We’ll disclose it for you with a great pleasure:
  • repeatedly tested high-quality alcohol,
  • high quality natural spring water from the mountainous Kotayk Marz (1350 meters above sea level) which passes obligatory filtration process with the best European filtering equipment,
  • using only scientifically tested and controlled natural additives and preservatives,
  • the choice of production technology modes, advised by the best specialists of this field, based on multiple test results,
  • aging of calvados at a precise thermal regime in oak barrels, preserving its production technologies thoroughly and accurately.


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